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California Balcony Inspection (SB 721): Compliance Made Easy With Pasquini Engineering, Inc.

The safety of balconies is a crucial concern in California due to the risks...

Project Feature: Custom Mid-Century Modern Home In California

Discover the stunning mid-century masterpiece that we worked on in...

Understanding The HOA Balcony Law (SB 326) And Its Implications For Property Owners And Homeowner Associations

Governor Newsom signed Senate Bill No. 326 (SB 326) into law on August 30,...

Leveraging Drones For Unparalleled Precision

In the dynamic landscape of civil engineering, the integration of cutting-edge...

Unleashing The Power Of 3D Scanning For Civil Engineering

In the intricate tapestry of construction, the symbiotic relationship between...
Building Permit Guide And Our Process

Building Permit Guide And Our Process

UPDATED, July 27, 2022 – To help you have a better understanding of how the building permit process works, we’re going to guide you through the process of applying and how long it will take to get a building permit.

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