September 27, 2021

Understanding Land Planning And Development In California

The state of California is home to four major ecosystems, creating the beautiful backdrop for life in the Golden State. However, factors like population growth, expansion, and climate change are impacting the availability of certain resources and land for development. Land planning services play a crucial role in the balance between conservation and development. So, we’re going over things to consider before development and how hiring a licensed civil engineer can be your best bet to getting your project done in a quick and correct manner.

Land Planning And Development

As land becomes more difficult to find, construction companies, project managers, and developers are increasingly facing pressure to use available tracts of land in a way that will support both the surrounding communities and the environment for years to come (1). Land use planning is a critical component of development, as the resulting decisions impact the physical, economic, social, and environmental conditions of the community (2).

Raw Land Planning And Important Factors

Raw land development is a multi-faceted strategy because of the long-term goals associated with a real estate purchase. In this process, the land is purchased for the purpose of keeping it for long-term appreciation value or for use as a development property. For development plans, investors need to have a sound strategy that plans out the purchase, the construction, and the goals for selling or leasing the final product. This strategy should be in place before the property is ever purchased. The following factors can help with evaluating the potential for a tract of raw land:

  • Permits: How long will it take to acquire the needed building permits for full development and what will it cost?
  • Zoning: What is the land zoned for? Can it be changed? Does this zone have a protected wildlife category, building restrictions, or a flood plain?
  • Building Department: Will local building codes impede building plans or designs?
  • Water: What is the current access to water and sanitation, and what are the requirements for getting these aspects installed?
  • Electrical: Are there existing utility service lines? Is the electrical supply sustainably designed?

Learn more about land use planning in the state of California here.

Hiring A California Civil Engineering Firm

Before moving deeply into the land development process, it’s important to present your development plan to us, a California civil engineering firm. As an experienced licensed civil engineer and building design professional who can seamlessly integrate the components of your development plan and identify potential problems, we will work with your planning department on development feasibility, starting with earthwork, infrastructure, and all the way through utility hookups and amenities. With our skilled eye and vast industry knowledge, we can help you reduce costs within reason and present a more sustainable project.

Pasquini Engineering, Inc. Services For Your Land Planning And Development

Whether you’re needing an engineer for residential, commercial, industrial, or mixed-use development, contact us for expert insight on land choice and development feasibility. From zoning, annexation, permit processing, masting planning, we’ll do what we can to make sure you get what you want out of your project. 

We have an excellent reputation with homeowners, business owners, and contractors all over California; allowing us to provide comprehensive services in land planning and development for clients across California and additional states like Oregon, Arizona, Nevada, Texas, and Florida.


By choosing Pasquini Engineering, Inc. for land planning and development services in California, you can take your land planning and development and see it through to a completed project. Let us visualize and create your plans, guide you through the development process, and offer peace of mind that your project can be a success.


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