November 22, 2021

Senate Bill 10 California: SB-10 Planning And Zoning For Housing Developments

Until now, the State of California has had some of the most restrictive zoning regulations in the U.S., leading to a monumental shortage of affordable homes, particularly in high population areas such as the Los Angeles Basin and the San Francisco Bay Area. Due to the state’s population and economic significance, the situation has created additional hardship for individuals, families, and communities. And Senate Bill 10 California is a step toward real solutions.

With the passage of Senate Bill 10, California will be better able to help address the state’s housing crisis (1). Signed into law by Governor Newsom in September 2021, the new law, along with companion legislation Senate Bill 9, will make it easier for municipalities across the state to create high-density housing by lifting zoning restrictions (2). 


What Is Senate Bill 10 (SB-10) And What Does SB-10 Mean

SB 10 California Pasquini Engineering Inc Blog

This means the new law requires municipal governments to change planning and zoning regulations for parcels in high-density areas that are otherwise vacant and have rich access to public transportation. Under the new SB-10 law, developers can build a maximum of ten single-family units on these lots––making it easier for California cities to build affordable housing. 

The law also eases many restrictions imposed by the California Environmental Quality Act (CEQA), reducing much of the red tape involved (3). Though this new law eases some CEQA restrictions, local governments are authorized to rezone neighborhoods for increased housing density, which is required to be located in eligible areas. For instance––a job-rich area, an urban infill, an area that aligns with Senate Bill 35, or near high-quality public transportation.

SB-10 is a significant step toward reversing decades of well-intentioned, but ultimately misguided, government policies at all levels that have contributed to the current housing crisis. We anticipate this to be a win-win for everyone, providing employment for construction-related industries, as well as providing affordable housing where housing shortages and skyrocketing rents have been a serious problem. 



Our associates are looking forward to the new legislative reforms coming out of Sacramento. It offers economic opportunities for property owners and developers while addressing a serious problem. Contact us today to discuss how we can help get your projects underway.


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