January 3, 2022

Our 6 Subsets Of Civil Engineering

UPDATED, July 27, 2022

Civil engineering has many subsets. In fact, all engineering disciplines can find their roots in civil engineering. From waterways, sewer systems, and drainage to working with the latest rockets being sent into outer space. As a civil engineering firm, we focus on the building design aspects of civil engineering, including the organized process of planning, designing, constructing, renovating, and refurbishing a site, building, or structure. The use of these completed structures/projects are accessed each and every day by society, which means they need to be safe, reliable, and built to last. And depending on the project and its complexity, a different subset of civil engineering may be required for its completion. 

Understanding our 6 subsets of civil engineering is important so you understand what we do and how we can use our expertise to provide you with the service you need to complete your project.


Our 6 Subsets Of Civil Engineering 

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So you may ask yourself, “What types of projects do engineers work on and how?” There are different subsets of civil engineering, each with specialized knowledge and skills. And choosing the type of engineering you need depends on your project and where you are in its development. 

Let’s dig deeper into 6 areas of civil engineering that we offer at Pasquini Engineering, Inc.


1. Planning Services 

Before you break ground, you need to have a solid plan that meets your local planning departments and coincides with your preferred building project. As your civil engineer, at this stage we will evaluate a site, identify potential issues, and offer solutions that’ll meet certain requirements. 


2. Site Design

Our site design subset of civil engineering gives us the opportunity to explore different challenges of your project and develop solutions, so you can proceed with development. This subset is important in order to make sure the site meets a client’s expectation and anticipation of certain development requirements, as well as adhering to local authorities that require certain standards of layout, parking, accessibility, grading, and drainage. 


3. Building Design

Whether you’re working on a commercial or residential property, building design is an essential part of any project. This subset takes into account a project’s basic concept, considers certain specifications like local government requirements, scheduling, and budget management, then develops into a blueprint to show its final design. 


4. Structural Engineering

Have you ever heard that a building has “good bones?” This pertains to the internal structure and its ability to withstand certain elements from stress and its environment. During the structural engineering process, we will evaluate risks from natural disasters and other elements. Structural analysis is conducted to determine the best materials and designs to withstand environmental pressures by calculating loads and grade requirements via mathematical models (1). 


5. Construction Project Management

Construction projects require much detail and attention in order to bring a single vision to life, and following strict city/county guidelines is extremely important to make sure that the project follows through with completion. So, having proper construction project management is crucial for keeping the entire construction process efficient, on track, and done right the first time. 


6. Surveying

Surveying is the act of gathering information that can impact projects. For instance, the measurement of a property’s boundaries and record of natural resources, land features, and oceans is taken into account. This information is essential for governments, businesses, and private citizens who plan to build on or near a specific area. 


Our Civil Engineering Services

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As a civil engineering firm with over 30 years of experience, we offer comprehensive civil engineering services, including all of the subsets that we mentioned above. We act as a one-stop shop to help our clients avoid juggling multiple service providers.

As we’re available for a large variety of projects, our civil engineering process often includes the following:

As this list of projects are just the tip of the iceberg, we’ve worked on a plethora of residential, multi-family and commercial projects throughout California, Oregon, Florida, Arizona, Nevada, and Texas.



No more wasting resources trying to assemble a team of experts––we’ve got you covered! Contact us today for more information and let’s get your project underway. Schedule a consultation or call us at (661) 328-9600.


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