January 18, 2021

Jimmy Daoutis: Engineering Technician & Draftsman

UPDATED, January 6, 2022

As your trusted engineering firm, Pasquini Engineering, Inc. is able and willing to travel to you and your project wherever you are. Whether you’re needing a permit for a home rebuild in Sonoma County or a single-family complex built in Hawaii, we’ll come to you so your project runs smoothly, professionally, and quickly. 

As a matter of fact, we now have Pasquini Engineering, Inc. associates all over the western United States! With expanding our expertise, you can trust that your project is handled by our professional and experienced associates that are familiar with your location and will be your form of contact for clear and precise instruction.  

With that said, let us introduce Jimmy Daoutis, our Engineering Technician and Draftsman on the California Central Coast.


Pasquini Engineering, Inc. Central Coast Associate, Jimmy Daoutis

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Jimmy’s outstanding communicative ability with his clients, as well as being an avid problem solver makes him a true asset to Pasquini Engineering, Inc. Get to know him below, and see how he can be your Engineering Technician and Draftsman/designer for your project


Question #1: What do you do for Pasquini Engineering, Inc.?

Jimmy: “I’m an Engineering Technician and Draftsman, and I specialize in commercial projects, such as tenant improvements, which include build layouts, handicap accessibility, PME plans (plumbing, mechanical and electrical), and everything else required for a building permit

On the residential side, I complete a lot of room additions and remodels, including the structural analysis that goes along with those home projects.”


Question #2: What’s your Engineering Technician and Draftsman experience?

Jimmy: “I joined Pasquini Engineering, Inc. in late 2015 under the expert guidance of Lacy Heier, Pasquini Engineering, Inc.’s most senior Engineering Tech. I was originally hired to be her assistant, but by proving my consistency and devotion to my work, she decided to teach me how to draft and organize plans myself. Then soon enough, I was completing my own projects. 

Since then, I’ve completed around 100+ projects on my own, and I look forward to completing many hundreds more in my near future.”


Question #3: What are the current projects you’re working on?

Jimmy: “Lately, I’ve taken on all kinds of projects ranging from commercial fire damage repair/restorations to residential remodels and commercial solar panel projects. Most of my projects include some sort of plumbing, mechanical and electrical plans for a tenant improvement or ground-up custom design, so I’m very familiar with that kind of work. 

The latest project I have completed was a custom design of two steel buildings in Lancaster, California––conducting all of the structural details and calculations for the project.” 


Question #4: Where do you see yourself going with Pasquini Engineering, Inc.?

Jimmy: “I see myself continuing to grow my skills and knowledge through the guidance and incredible experience that each associate at Pasquini Engineering, Inc. brings to the table. It is my goal to be well-rounded in all of the disciplines we offer and bring that knowledge to every project I design.”


Question #5: Do you work on projects all over the Central Coast in California?

Jimmy: “Yes. I currently reside on the Central Coast in Morro Bay, California. So, if there is a project or client on the Central Coast, I can be available to meet on-site anytime. And if a project is in another location, we’re able to utilize a plane to fly our services to its direct location and facilitate any needs a client may have there.”



Our Engineering Technician and Draftsman, Jimmy Daoutis, is the epitome of a determined and knowledgeable professional for any residential or commercial project that comes his way. We are excited to see what all Jimmy accomplishes in the future on building projects as Pasquini Engineering, Inc. Engineering Technician and Draftsman. 


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