March 1, 2021

Principal Building Designer: Lacy Heier

Not only do we have the ability to engineer and design your project, we have the experience! As Pasquini Engineering, Inc. has 30+ years of engineering experience, our associates bring even more expertise to the table. 

We’d like to introduce Lacy Heier, a Principal Building Designer, who not only brings 22 years of design experience to our team but also impeccable dedication and professionalism. Learn more about her below.


Question #1: What do you do for Pasquini Engineering, Inc.?

Lacy: “I work as a Principal Building Designer Engineering Technician for Pasquini Engineering, Inc. I focus on a large variety of projects including commercial, multi-family and residential building designs, site design and layout, tenant improvements, custom homes, home remodels, and home additions.” 


Question #2: What’s your Engineering Technician and building design experience?

Lacy: “I have 22 years as an Engineering Technician and building design experience with Pasquini Engineering, Inc.


Question #3: What are the current projects you’re working on?

Lacy: “The current projects I’m working on include designing a multifamily project in San Pablo, a church remodel and addition, a duplex site layout, a guest house remodel in Bakersfield, structural design for cannabis growing facility, two home improvements in northern California, a tire shop layout, a couple of different minimart designs, and two large office building developments in northern California. 

As you can see, the projects we get here at Pasquini Engineering, Inc. range all the way from small to large projects, simple to extremely complex. There’s nothing we won’t do!”  


Question #4: Where do you see yourself going with Pasquini Engineering, Inc.?

Lacy: “I must say, having worked in the engineering realm for 22 years now, I am happy with the work we do here at Pasquini Engineering, Inc. The business and principal building services we conduct and the clients we work with make me proud to be associated with a company that takes such pride in its work. 

Also, part of the reason why I love working here is the type of projects I receive. The way we’re able to extend our reach to accommodate projects throughout California and beyond is our accessibility to our own small aircraft and company cars. That way, we can easily access project sites and clients in-person as necessary.

Because of this, I’m challenged to design all sorts of projects in many different locations, so it really makes my job worthwhile. So, I plan on working here until I retire.” 



We couldn’t feel more proud or more privileged to have Lacy Heier on our team. With her close attention to detail and the creative take she conducts on her projects, we can only imagine the incredible success that lies ahead of her.

Another star associate at Pasquini Engineering, Inc. is our Engineering Technician and Draftsman, Jimmy Daoutis. His projects take him from working on commercial to residential plans all over California. Get to know him here: Engineering Technician And Draftsman: Jimmy Daoutis.  


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